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  • American Security

    We must succeed in Afghanistan and stay on offense in the War on Terror. We cannot allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapons capability. We must stand shoulder to shoulder with democratic allies like Israel and work to open new markets for Illinois exporters.
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  • Economic Stability

    Americans are borrowing over $4 billion per day. That's $28.5 billion per week to run our government, totaling over $1.5 Trillion in borrowed money just to run it this year.     
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  • Federal Spending

    We need to change course from spending money that we do not have. Americans sent a clear message in November to cut spending. I am a part of many legislative efforts to cut spending and to fix the broken budgeting process in Washington, D.C.
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  • Human Rights

    Today, as people continue to live in fear of persecution under dictatorship, American values of liberty, freedom and human dignity bring hope to millions. As a Senator, I will do my part to continue the great American tradition of standing up for human rights.
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  • Job Creation

    My top priority in the Senate is to propose, support and enact policies that make it cheaper and easier for companies to add employees.  I have put forward the "Small Business Bill of Rights" and 23 pro-growth economic policies that encourage job creation and will speed up the recovery. 
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  • Lincoln Legacy Infrastructure Development Act

    President Abraham Lincoln devised a public-private partnership to complete the greatest infrasturcture project in our history - the Transcontinental Railroad. I have introduced the Lincoln Legacy Infrastructure Development Act with that tradition in mind.  It is a bill that could mobilize $100 billion in private funds for building new roads, airports, and railroads.  We can give new life to Lincoln's economic legacy be starting a new era of public-private partnerships for transportation funding. 
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  • Small Business Bill of Rights

    Small businesses are the job creating engine of the Illinois and American economy. One of my priorities in the Senate is to support policies that make it cheaper and easier for businesses to retain and add employees. This goal can be achieved by suspending burdensome regulations, reducing healthcare costs, accelerating the exploration and production of domestic energy and enacting tax reform policies that end many of the expenditures in return for lower overall rates.
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